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Cappello: come indossarlo senza rinunciare all'hairstyle

Accessorio indispensabile d'inverno, il cappello non è sempre amico dell'hairstyle. Scopriamo insieme qualche trucco per restare al caldo senza rinunciare allo stile.

A hat might be a practical winter accessory, but it can quickly cause hair to frizz up or flatten. The answer? It's all in the haircare and styling products you use to make a real statement!

Prevent frizz from the start

Hair that's naturally strong and healthy is far less likely to frizz. To smooth down the cuticles of the hair shaft that can be – literally – rubbed up the wrong way by rough textile fibers, use a shampoo and conditioner that contain nourishing essential oils. For a full, nourishing haircare range, we recommend products from the Mythic Oil collection, starting with the shampoo and conditioner, followed by the detangling spray which smoothes out knots that can be caused by wearing a hat.

Bring back the volume to limp hair

So we've tackled your locks that lie underneath the beanie, but now let's have a look at the exposed lengths and ends of your hair to ensure they still have plenty of life to them. Use volumizing styling products, such as the thermo-active Constructor hairspray from Tecni.Art, which is ideal for giving hair volume, texture and strong hold. Plus, it's residue-free, so hair doesn't feel weighed down by excess product; you can apply as much as you like!

Choose your beanie carefully

If you have sensitive skin or hair, it might be a wise idea to give some thought to your beanie. Try to look for hats that have a silk or cotton lining – fabrics that are less likely to cause irritation than wool and other coarse textures. Fleece can also be a warm and frizz-free alternative, or you could always learn a new skill and knit one yourself!

Keep warm while also keeping your hairstyle cool thanks to the right know-how and styling products!

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